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Complaint: I bought a flat In Jewel Homes preciseley Jewel Richmond. Quality of the materials used for Construction is very average. The Marketing Manager Mrs. Leena who sold the flat had informed me that maintenance cost has to be paid only after notice. Now after 2 years they have provided a consolidate maintenance charges of 40000 rs and have asked to pay in 2 instalments . Their claim for not... Review


I ordered a pair of nike's, however what I received was a completely different pair of shoes. I was asked by the seller to order ANOTHER pair of shoes at a discount, and that I should just accept the ones I was sent. I was told it was the shipping companies error and that they refused to correct the error. After multiple emails I was offered a 20% discount. Tell me this: Why would I buy another...

Affordable Bail Bonds Tulsa Oklahoma


Complaint: On July 23, 2013 I quit my employment at Affordable Bail Bonds in Tulsa, OK. I quit because the owner, Roberta Dampf-Aguilar, continued to ask her employees to do unethical things. She yelled and used condesending laguage to and about her employees. My moral compass is just very different than hers, and I felt it was in both of our best interest to part ways. I submitted my final pay...


I received a call this morning from a lady who works with the government and telling me that I'm approved for a Grant that's non-refundable from doing a survey online for $9,200. I don't know if I did a survey but I went along with it. She then tells me in order to have this process they have to receive a payment of $200 that's refundable from Google Play Store gift card. So I then give them the...

My Cell Phone Doctor Review


Warning! Do not take your cell phone to "My Cell Phone Doctors" whose website is located in Britton Plaza in south Tampa. They are a very small company so they steal parts from your devices then resell them to others for more profit. I was lucky enough to confirm this with a technician who use to work for the company. This is how I know it's a fact. He told me this is...

Global Quality Limo San Francisco California Review


Global Quality sub contracted (Angel Miles) for a trip to Florida 18+ hour drive. See below some of the issues we faced for such a long trip with 25 children /10 adults 2 of which are handicap people: A non working bathroom / unable to flush / cracked & stained toilet seat Used Sanitary pads as we boarded the bus The bus reeked of urine A non working heat system Over 10 broken seats - unable to...

Xtreme Kurves maywood Illinois Review


I ordered my garment and a week later never got an update. I emailed their customer service at 5 times and never got a response. I sent messages on instagram and facebook and got blocked from both. And still nothing in the mail or no update on my shipping status. Please dont send this company your money. You will never see your item. I wish I would have read these reports... West Allis Wisconsin Review


And another tale added to the shame that is I ordered a wood planer 20 days ago . . . a week later Sears attempts to deliver a saw. I refused that delivery. Called Sears customer service as shown on the delivery ticket. I may have saved the effort and just made up my own story to get me off the line - but was told that the item would be reordered and shipped, and delivery would be free... other


Complaint: I've played the game of poker for over 25 years, online poker for over 10 years and clubwpt is the worse site for onliine poker imaginable! This info only goes for the weekend tournament games at as any other game seems to not have heavy lag times. I find it hard to believe at a 6 or (10) seat table someone always has a hand to beat the good hand that a player might have. I...