Winstar Properties Review


This is a rent control building that was apparently bought few years ago by Winstar Properties. Most units are no longer rent control because residents are being bought out for a very low amount of money. Poor/uneducated souls don’t know they got a crappy deal! As these units are becoming vacant, they are just doing minor fixes and raising the rent $500 more. Unfortunately I got fooled into renting one; the foundation is old and the building was very poorly made. There are mold and roach problems. One day I’m sure this building will come down due to all the issues. Definitely very unsafe place to live. This old building is very overpriced for what you get. The building is very loud because of all the screaming done by drunk/drugged up tenants at 2am, junk is always found in the parking lot or lobby area floor. Things in the building are always breaking like pipes/parking lot front/back doors/lights. Currently there is a on site manager who lives here. No one knows who he/she is. So god forbid you ever need something you will be screwed. Winstar properties and the manager does a poor job in communicating with the tenants, definitely a lot of shady things going on with management. I was reading some interesting things about them online. The off site manager Leslie Vickers may act nice but very sneaky. I heard some messed up stuff she did to the other tenants. She doesn’t answer calls or emails so again good luck if you need anything. If you do find her 1 day and she you tell her about a problem she will say they are going to fix it but they never do or it will take them few months! But the thing everyone needs to be most concerned about with this property is the safety. Cars/motorcycles/bikes have been stolen. The parking lot is gated very poorly, non-existence security and I heard homeless people have sneaked into the building and they have slept inside the crappy/old laundry room. No one really uses the laundry room. Too expensive, old washers/dryers and room is too small. For what you are paying you are better off going somewhere that actually has a pool or at least a safe parking lot.

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