William T. Howard – Nashville, Tennessee Men


William T Howard is 35 years old black guy. He works for the Kroger warehouse in Portland, TN! Lives in an apartment behind the Nashville Diesel College. He is a 3 time convicted drug dealer whom Is an alcoholic, chain smoking convict! He is a predator that goes after women who are between the ages of 45-60. He usually has 4 to 5 Grandmothers on the hook. He likes them petite, big boobs and big butt.? He is smooth operator and uses his looks and street smarts to tease these older white women into falling in love with him! Used the same technique pimps use in young girls. I know one 54 year old former Sunday School teacher who gave up her family, job and sanity chasing this low life! He finally told her his game after having sex with her over 30 times in about 2 months. Now ladies this is all unprotected sex! I said Todd arenít you worried about catching an STD from all these women! He said know the older white women have usually only been with one guy! Plus they have shots for most of those!?The lady he told, she wasnít worth it has now been tested over 3 times for STDs!?So ladies beware of his looks and Charm! Your just one more women heís using! If you want to be screwed by this man just know his game ahead of time! BTW- he has 2 phones and is still into the drugs!

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