Whelping Box Store Review


Whelpingboxes.com sells, of course, whelping boxes and liners. We purchased several of their liners and $35 later we received, not the durable plastic liners we were promised, but 3 sheets of visquine, approximately 40″ squared with 1″ bits of velcro around the perimeter.Oh yes, did I say visquine? Correction–more like cheap shower curtain. Customer service is comprised of a charming fellow who insults you, then threatens to lie about your business online if you give him a bad review. He says that he doesn’t care if you give him a bad review, so i guess he won’t be too fussed over this one. Perhaps the worst of his “business” is the lousy instruction sheet that came with these “quality” liners. Hmmm, if I can get this right. Lay the liner down on the floor and put one of their cheap, bottomless boxes on top. Silly me, trying to hang it from the ceiling! Not a single word either about disinfecting these sheets of shower curtain before using them. Their website states they are so worried about parvo–they even put it in all caps, which is why you can’t send anything back. And yet, not a single word of warning to disinfect their product before using it! For those unaware–parvo is everywhere, and yes, you should disinfect everything, everytime… A $35 lesson learned. BTW–if after reading this you still want to buy his stuff, let me know, I’ll sell you mine cheap! .

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