Walmart Sioux Falls South Dakota Review


This store has the worst customer service ever. Management is rude and basically stupid I will never shop this store again. I was in this Wal-Mart shopping 2 nights ago and what a joke it was. One of the night managers Bobbi was one of the rudest people I have ever met I asked for help with finding something and she basically turned her back on me and walked away. Wal-Mart corporate really should look into the type of idiots they hire as management called the global office to file a complaint and was placed on hold and then disconnected. This is pretty typical of the lazy idiots they hire at good ole Wal-Mart. I am pretty well done spending my hard earned money at Wal-Mart. They really should do something about this store you can start by hiring decent managers and staff what a joke. Target and Hyvee here. I come at least you guys know what true customer service is. What makes me laugh is this Wal-Mart has we are hiring signs all over good luck if you treat your employees the way you treat your customers then I feel sorry for anyone who is stupid enough to work at that place.

3101 Floyd Blvd Sioux City, Iowa USA

(712) 239-8901

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