I bought 2 DVD’s from Walmart that had VUDU stickers on them that said “FREE digital download if you buy this DVD”. I got “Planet of the Apes” & “Friday the 13th”. I try to download the movies and Friday the 13 didn’t download all the way and Planet of the Apes didn’t download at all. I called VUDU to get my movies on my VUDU page and they said they would fix it. 1 week went by, no movies on my page. 2 weeks went by I call they said they now needed a copy of my Walmart receipt and they wanted pictures of the DVD boxes and they would give me my movies. I send the receipt and pics. 3 weeks go by, and still no movies on my VUDU page. I call again, they say they’re working on it and have to ask the studios if they can put it on my VUDU page. I assume they were referring to Hollywood Studios. It’s going on a month & a few days. I never did get the other half of my Friday the 13th movie nor did I receive the Planet of the Apes at all. I have my e-mails between us and would love to post them here so you guys can actually see the way they’re acting with me. I feel I was scammed into buying DVD’s in the name of more American theft against more unsuspecting victims.. I demand I just wanted what I payed for.. I don’t recommend them

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