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My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for nine (9) years and have lived together for the last five (5) We have been through a lot together and I have endured a lot of lies and deceit from him. After he had lived with me for about a year, I grew suspect of him and found by his own carelessness that he had been talking to a woman he met on a social media website and she lived just a county away from us so they decided to meet one evening after he got off work in a parking lot of a near by hardware store. (The true meaning to the term lot lizard) I ended up calling her to introduce myself to her. She claimed she didn’t know anything about me, and she might not have back then. I questioned her with the usual questions of do you know where he lives? Can you call and talk to him anytime you want to? If you text him does he only respond while he is working? I pointed out to her that if the answer to any or all of these questions was no, then he was living with someone. She apologized and said she didn’t want a man that wasn’t free to be with her blah blah blah….I tell my boyfriend that I have spoke with her and about our conversation and even showed him the 500+ text messages between she and I and he was very apologetic and said he had made a mistake. I told him it was time to be honest, if you don’t want to be with me, just say so and we can go our separate ways and maybe keep some sort of friendship between us. He cried and said he was sorry, that I was the one he wanted to be with and he was where he wanted to be. So we agreed to work on us and our relationship. That was in 2009!In late 2012 I discovered she was back in the picture, now this time she knows very well I am in the picture. I talked to my boyfriend about her again and gave him the choice of cutting ties with one of us, and again he said it was me…..(so not true) In February of 2013 I packed my house up and I left him. We continued to talk and tried to work it out between us. At the end of April we agreed I would move back home. Imagine my surprise on Mother’s Day I get a message from her on face book telling me to go to hell! I was just a tad surprised to get it but not completely so I decided to do something totally out of my character and went in and got my boyfriends cell phone out of his pocket since he was still sleeping and read all the text messages between the two of them, so I had a conversation with her from his cell phone. She ended up saying we (my boyfriend and I) could go to hell she never wanted to talk to either of us again.I tell my boyfriend again, make the decision, her or me! He tells me that they are over blah, blah blah, same ole shit he told me before, so I’m not buying it this time! So one night I got a bad feeling and decided to drive to her house and yep you guessed it, there sitting in her driveway was his car. My instinct was to knock on her door and beat the crap out of both of them, but I didn’t want to go to jail so I opted to go home and pack his stuff. I barricaded the door that night so he couldn’t just open it with his key as normal. Imagine his surprise when he came home and couldn’t get in. I finally opened the door and let him in and advised him there was his belongings, to take his sh** and get out and go be with her since he couldn’t seem to leave her alone. He gave me this sob story about she called him at work and was crying because she was broke and didn’t have anything to eat and begged him to bring her something to eat (yeah right, like I believe that story.) He sat down on the sofa and began to cry and said he was broke and begged us to seek counseling, (I’m not broke honey, you are, I’m not the one creeping, you are!!) So…because I keep seeing potential in him, we met with a psychologist and have now learned that he has some deep dark trauma buried in him that is causing his issue. I told both him and the psychologist that I am only giving this one last try for him to seek the help he needs. I have not let my guard down, and things are not even close to right between us but I have agreed to see him through this issue and have also advised him the first sign I see she or anyone else is in the picture, there will be no conversation and no amount of tears can stop me from putting him out of my house. I’m tired and he doesn’t seem to understand that! I am not saying that we will stay together, but I am going to give it my best to see him through what ever secret he is battling. || I should go on to say that the very next day I caught him at her house, I found that she didn’t cry much for him as she had moved on to her next victim already. He lives all the way across town so maybe his wife will discover the same things I have. (She did tell me that my boyfriend had stopped talking to her and she kept pursuing him and because he is WEAK, he surrendered to her!!) this woman is nothing more than white trash out for herself and has no regard for the families or the homes she destroys along the way!!

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