US Lottery and Game Review


I was contacted by Elizabeth Hayes who identified herself as an attorney (267-233-0020 and 617-861-4533). I checked on the 617 number and it was assigned to Cynthia Guffey. Ms. Hayes that I had won $500,000 and provided a phone number to contact to claim the prize. Claim #J633B729 and 888-200-9562 which identified themselves as the US Lottery and Game Commission. I was told that I had to pay $2000 to cover my part of the $65000 for taxes. I would be reimbursed my $2,000 at the time I received my $500,000. I was told that I would receive check of $500,000 today (3/21/2016). They also asked and I provided my driver’s license number to them.I went to my bank First Community Credit Union and withdrew $2,000 from my savings. Then, went to Western Union at Check N Go in Overland, MO. Funds sent to Robert Dasng Gaduang, Phillipines. Once I received the $500,000 check, I would need to pay HFBC Bank $65,000 for the taxes on $500,000. As of to date, I have not received the check.I have contacted them four (4) times today and no one has answered or returned my calls.

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