United States Census Bureau Complaint


A Census employee named Rosa Arroyo has come to my home harassing my my 83 year old mother. It would seem that Mrs. Arroyo did not like comments my mother made to her the first time she came to my home around the fifth of July 2019. Since then letter, posted warnings on my front door and letters have been sent to my address. Mrs Arroyo is under the impression that by snapping her fingers and vail threats of fines is going to obey her instantly. Yesterday, 16 July 2019, as I am pulling into my driveway, returning home from work around 6:00 pm another census worker arrives at my house . Mrs Jane Marie Spotten, wanted to know why the census form has not been filled out, because her “boss is a stickler for rules and wants it done in a hurry” and taped to my door was another letter, this one from a Mrs, Jeanette from Mrs, Y. Whipple. I informed Mrs. Spotten that I upset about her co-workers harassing my elderly mother and I don”t work the her and will fill out the form on my time not not her bosses. Additionally she could inform her co-workers thatbanging on my door, and waiting in front of my is harassment. Mrs. Spotten also informed me that my home was the only home chosen out more than four thousand and that why there is so much attention being displayed. Therefor, my home is being Racially profiled, because it suppose to be random. I chosen to participate the last time, therefore its not random.

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