Tylor Purifoy Lawrenceville, Georgia Georgia


This bitch was supposed to be my best friend! I let her move in with me because her husband deployed and left her with nothing. I didn’t charge her any rent or anything. I took care of her. But while I was at work supporting her and my husband and daughter, she was fucking my husband! And still to this day WILL NOT admit it to me! And that was over two years ago! Not even two months after I got married. And from what I hear, I’m not the only one she done it to. The way she got her husband was by going over to his wives home while he was deployed then ratted on her to him. But as soon as he got home, they were planning a wedding. I had kicked her out once because I was tired of all the drama in the house. And she told me when I picked her up that she had to leave from where she was staying because the girls there were blaming her for sleeping with their husbands. And all this happened while she was still married to Nick. Well, she is still married to Nick to this day and just had a baby by another man, and is engaged to him now! lmfao And in order for the biological father to be named on the birth certificate, the husband has to give up rights. Then the father has to adopt his own kid. But she is still telling her husband that she loves him. I’m sure there are a lot of others that are hearing that too. Stupid Bitch!

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