Tree Top Bird Center McKinney Texas Review


We purchased our second bird from this store. At the time they seemed friendly although scattered and disorganized. There were several times that it was difficult to get answers or accurate information. All in all we felt that they were an okay but not excellent bird store. nFrequently we returned for supplies. On one visit, Deborah Thrasher, the owner, said she had a bird she thought we would love. After meeting him, our little boy loved him so we went ahead and placed a deposit. We came into visit frequently. About 6 weeks before he was supposed to come home, we noticed that the other bird we had purchased from them had been shedding more and more feathers. Eventually, all of his tail and many of his wing feathers fell out. nWe immediately called the store out of concern for both the bird at our home and the new baby. We were told over and over that they would give Debbie the message and have her call us. After two dozen calls without hearing back, and even stopping in, and she wasn’t in that day, we were very concerned about our next steps. The vet was unsure of the cause although tests were run. nCourtney (one of the main employees) called to let us know the new baby was ready to go home almost three weeks early. I told her what was going on and that we had left repeated messages for Debbie. I wasn’t sure whether or not we should bring the new bird home under those conditions. She said we definitely should NOT. nAccording to the sales receipt, we would receive a credit for our $200 deposit. We never did. My husband went in a week later and started to purchase bird food. The girl at the counter said that she had no record of a store credit. She said she would talk to Debbie and call him back. The next day, the same clerk called and said there was no credit since we didn’t pick up the bird. However, the receipt says clearly that there are no returns but store credit would be given. nEveryone should know exactly what type of store and crookery they are getting into. nThe owner/manager, Debbie never called or wrote. Apparently she never cared about the other bird she sold us once she had the money. In addition, they stole our other $200 since they never refunded the amount or offered the store credit that was written right on the receipt. nThis is definitely the worst bird store I have ever been to. Deborah Thrasher should be ashamed of herself. People that are all friendly and such and then steal from you are the worst kind. nVery UnhappynMcKinney, TexasU.S.A.

7615 Campbell Rd # 112 Dallas, Texas U.S.A.


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