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Starting class action lawsuit/contact their local tv channels. Who is in? post information on District attorney and attorney general for AZ and MD against the fradulent travel company, and lets sue the company and the individuals. They solicited via fax machine to a federal agency. In which 7 people purchased with a man named Jason Brown 18552757022. No need to mention all the steps previously stated, it is the same garbage they passed on. So now its time for action. So lets start with making sure when you vent, post the numbers you called, the people you spoke with, and the address you sent checks to. if we work together, gather all data, we can have them on whistle blowers, 48 hours plus some. who is in? Please add data about BBB, so we can all contact them and begin to recoup our money and at least show to DA and local authorities a string of compliants. Also contact the bank in which you used your local debit card to assist with the initial transaction and at least work on getting that back. #teamsue #teamclassaction #

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18552757022 EXT 290

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