Todd Bockman El Mirage Arizona


Complaint: I was down on my luck but invested $30,000 with Todd Bockman. I was working for him and also considered him a friend; I trusted him. I was living in one of his properties and worked hard. Less than five months after I gave him ALL of my money, all of his properties were in foreclosure; he had pissed it away and was gpne and I found myself simultaneously broke, unemployed and homeless. This was in 2006 and 11 years later I am still struggling to get back on my feet and contemplating suicide because of this. He is a sociopath who cares nothing about anybody but himself. Do not EVER give this piece of crap a penny of your money. He’s smooth and charismatic but don’t believe a single word he says. I hope there’s really such a thing as Karma because I would like nothing more than to watch him suffer.

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