Timothy Parks Roofing and Construction Inc. Tampa Florida


Complaint: In early August of 2017, Timothy Parks of Timothy Parks Construction and Roofing Inc. contacted me asking me to quote him on finishing a site for him. He said he had all of the content and meta descriptions already written. This was supposed to be a simple copy paste job with of course some edits to ensure proper writing.During the development time of the site, my grandfather passed away. I went out of state to be with family. In my haste, I didnt notify Mr. Parks. Naturally you can imagine he was not happy about it. I found a laptop at my grandmother’s house and began to work on his site as my grief kept me up all night, so I figured I would work and just get his project done. August 21st, 11 days total time since his deposit was made via Venmo, Timothy Parks Construction and Roofing Inc had a new site. In fact, Mr. Parks directly took his “Coming Soon”” page down so the world could see his magnificent site. Hey

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Address: I do good work and I take pride in that.From CSS transitions per content block (neat little animations that add zing to your user experience)

Website: you can tell care was put into it.After the funeral

Phone: to extremely well written content and metas

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