Timbercreek Communities / Timbercreek Asset Management Complaint


A horrible nightmarish place to live. Found cockroaches in our new rental unit not even 24 hours after moving in. The rental agents are accomplished liars who will tell you anything to get you to sign a lease. They will tell you they”ve never had bugs and that the building is secure. The building was just the scene of a drive by shooting into a ground floor apartment. The doors are constantly jammed open and anyone can walk in. Cockroach infestation is so bad that they live between the walls and in the elevator shaft. This building would literally have to be burned down to get rid of the cockroach infestation. Both German and American cockroaches. The property management company will pretend they”ve never had a complaint about such a thing before and accuse you of causing the problem. It doesn”t matter how many times you call the exterminators, how cautious you are about storing all of your food in plastic bins, the building is doomed. They will literally rent to anyone who has $800, they don”t do last months deposit as most people don”t stay that long anyway. The people who rent these units out and manage the property are horrible people and I hope karma comes back to them one day. Do not rent from this company they are liars and thieves.

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