Tiffany Miller Clarkston, Michigan Michigan


TIFFANY MILLER is a disgusting excuse for a woman! She is an ugly, homewrecking whore! She imposed on my marriage while I was in my final month of pregnancy with our second daughter! Before my daughter was born, my unfaithful husband and this beast were together! Just two weeks after my baby was born, she had convinced him to tell me he wanted a divorce. He blamed me and pinned all kinds of problems that were never there to be the cause of the divorce. || Weeks later, I began searching his truck, workbench, toolbox. I started finding receipts for wine, candy, flowers, dinners, etc. on the days e claimed to be working. In his toolbox (which had been a wedding gift from me), I found a love letter that this skank had written him. He’s no angel himself, I know this, but she knew that he was married, had a small child and one on the way! That should have been a clear flag to stay the”eff” away! So, today was actually our six year anniversary, but instead, we spent it thinking about the final details of our divorce. This whore has him so brainwashed that he abandons his two year old and five month old daughters to go be with her. He spends the night at her house a few times a week! || The courts will not allow me to throw him out of the house and I cannot afford to move out just yet. Both of my parents are deceased and all of my family lives in another state. I’m stuck here until the divorce is final. Every day, I have to lie to our two year old for that piece of shit! When she asks,”Mommy, where’s daddy?” I lie and say he’s at work! This woman has ruined my marriage! I cannot wait until KARMA comes to find the both of them! I only hope that I can be there to see a glimpse of it! Feel free to FB this homewrecking whore! Again, her name is TIFFANY MILLER!!! You can’t miss the ugly, beady eyed wench!

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