Tiffany Lynn Flanco Parkis – Chittenango, New York New York


Just by looking at her picture you can see she is a Meth Addict. Tiffany has attempted to sleep with MANY women’s husbands. She has 5 children with who knows how many men and also had 4 abortions just that we know of, so CLEARLY doesn’t know how to use protection. I feel sorry her kids might see this but then again they all know what a whore she is. She left the last father of her child after cheating 20+ times and he was such an idiot he believed she would change and still hooks up with her herpe infested self. She got herpes after hooking up with a 24 year old (mind you she is pushing 40) who also is handicapped and a felon. She now is trying to get pregnant AGAIN with his kid. What kind of a mother abandons her 5 kids for herpe dick? Has 4 abortions but still trying to have more babies??? Sad excuse for a women. But anyways if anyone wants a free, fast and easy hook up Look up Tiffany Lynn Flanco-Parkis from Chittenango New York on Facebook. Just be sure to use protection as the whole town knows she has given herpes to at least 10 men in the last few months and sadly most are under the age of 25 and now have to live with that forever.

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