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So me and my husband we were married for a total of 4 years and we have a son together. My ex was also in the Army at the time. So when me, my ex and our son moved to Colorado Springs things started to fall apart but I didn’t think things would go downhill. Summer of 2011 me and my son left Colorado Springs and fly to my ex’s in laws house which is in Ohio, I just wanted to go there so my son would be able to see his dad side of the family. Little did I know here comes August and we are still stuck in Ohio. My ex was stationed in GA and I tried to have him move me and our son to GA to be closer to him and everything he just kept making excuses. So finally, me and my son were able to move back home to WA state so I could be with my family. || Came October since my son had not seen his dad since May, we flew back to Ohio to see my ex in laws and so my son could see his dad. That trip was hell and right then I knew something was going on the way he dressed and acted towards me around his friends and family. So after all that me and my son return home to WA and spent the rest of the holidays with my family…One day I was on FB and came across my ex-husband profile pic of this DARK BLACK GORILLA teeth all messed up and a drunk just like my ex. they live together now and they have a baby of their own. But all I got to say is F**K YOU! KARMA IS A BITCH! HE WILL DO IT AGAIN TO YOU!

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