Thuy Thi Nguyen Texas City, Texas Texas


While I was visiting my sister my husband ate at a local Vietnamese restaurant in Galveston. He me Thuy Nguyen who is related to the owner. She began to tell her story of her abusive marriage, crying and telling of her struggles in Vietnam and from that day on, my life has been a living hell. || My husband has given this woman money, jewelry and gifts….He has taken her to Vietnam paying for the trip with our household money. He has gambled away his entire 401K …jeopardizing his job by constantly calling her from work and put me in such emotional hell that I can never recover from. He tells me its over and then I find them together again. He is obsessed with her, and she is in it for the money. We have nothing left, its gone. At 57 years old, what do I do when I thought this was for life. I can’t function, can’t find happiness in anything in life..I’ve lost me somewhere. I know that my life is my own destiny, its the head that tells us that…but anyone who has been lost in this knows that you let it consume you and after a while you are living in hell…or worse yet, you don’t care if you just give into the pain. || These are pictures that have posted on Facebook of them…I hope she one day feels the pain she causes …its not just me, its the family, the friends ….I hate what they have done.

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