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Complaint: DYSPLASIA DOGS. STAY AWAY!! STAY FAR FAR AWAY!! ANOTHER DOG SIRED BY GONZO WITH DYSPLASIA!!!!Our first impressions of Thinschmidts and Michele were wonderful. The training facility seemed nice and the office had pictures of several celebrities on it. Michele seemed so personable and took the time to bring several of the breeding dogs in for us to look at. She also gave us a short description of their personalities (ex Babette is their resident blonde valley girl type). We got to be puppy socializers for a bit and play with some of their current puppies. After being star struck and covered in puppies we excitedly put down our deposit and looked forward to picking up our new little family member in a few months.At eight months old our puppy was diagnosed by a Board Certified vet with hip DYSPLASIA. We informed them immediately, as required by the contract & CA state law. Michele told me in their 30+yrs breeding they had never had a dysplasia diagnosis…which after reading reviews on YELP & other places we have found to be a very very false statement, they have been aware for years that DYSPLASIA has been running through their dogs. They said we would have to turn our dog (our family member by that time) back into them. Per CA state puppy lemon law ( it is the purchasers choice (aka OUR choice, not theirs) whether we keep our pup or turn them back into the breeder. We requested that they follow the CA law in letting us keep our dog and they pay the medical bills we incurred up to 150% of the purchase price of the dog. Their vets agreed with our vets diagnosis of hereditary hip DYSPLASIA. Michele claimed the DYSPLASIA was “not extreme enough”” to be covered by their contract. I find this sad. PER CA LAW

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Address: a puppy only has to have a hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the dog now or is likely to in the future. DYSPLASIA no matter how mild or extreme adversely affects the health and wellbeing of the dog. There is no mention of extreme or mild in the law

Website: two are rated fast normal (Anica & Pallas) AND FOUR (25%) have NO ratings listed at all (Yana

Phone: the dog simply just needs to be diagnosed with it. Michele has been extremely unprofessional and at times has been outright hostile towards us. She’s threatened both us and our vet.I wish I had realized that German SV rating of FAST NORMAL is BORDERLINE in the American standards rating of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals OFA and that most breeders will not use a Fast Normal dog in breeding due to the risks of DYSPLASIA. I would NEVER select parents that have that rating ever again. The ratings can be found on the website: . Per Thinschmidts’ own website: out of their three studs

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