They are way too arrogant


I had visited Sierra Dental for getting dental veneers. They did the procedure quite quickly. But the veneering was terrible. The cases turned yellow in a few weeks and I had to get replacements. The dentist had used some poor-quality veneers and chemicals. Veneer cases aren’t supposed to turn yellow, especially this fast. When I noticed their yellowish color, I went to another dentist for a second opinion. And I found out that the veneer cases were actually of really poor quality. If I had worn them for a little more while, I might have damaged my teeth. It just goes to show how terrible this place is. The dentists at Sierra Dental don’t know much about their trade.

When I told them what happened, they didn’t accept their fault. They just told me to shut up and mind my own business. Their words, not mine. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to get such a response from them. They have a pathetic customer service. I had my suspicions about their customer service were very poor but after my experience, I’m certain about it. These people haven’t put any effort into developing soft skills or basic etiquettes. And the negligence of the dentists is a big reason to avoid this place too. I made the mistake of trusting these people. To be honest, I was fooled by their online reviews and website. I couldn’t think that these people can mess up such a common procedure. And to top it all off, they didn’t take any responsibility for doing a terrible job with my veneers. They just gave me vague replies and then became rude.

The procedure was a really expensive one. It cost me a fortune to get the veneering done. I had paid them the full amount because I didn’t think they can ruin it. They claim me to be professionals and legitimate, but in reality, they are using low-quality and cheap chemicals for the patients’ veneering. They charge you as if you’re getting the best treatment possible. But they provide you with nothing. It had been a lot better if I hadn’t visited this place at all. I wouldn’t have lost this much money and I might have better and healthier teeth. Even though they did a terrible job, they didn’t issue me any refund. In fact, after they told me to shut up, they blocked me. I can’t call them through my number. It’s clear they don’t want to talk to me. From the negligent dentists to the terrible customer support, everything is messed up in Sierra Dental. They have to do a lot of work on improving their customer experience as well as dentistry. I’m never going back to that place. And I’m certain that you shouldn’t go there as well. You’ll only face a number of problems and might develop some new ones. I advise you to go somewhere else, where the dentists are really caring and knowledgeable professionals.

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