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Complaint: My consent to receive a gallon of weed spray and a confirmation that I had won a nice prize during their Christmas party drawing, turned into 10 gallons of spray, a billing for $1,059.45, dated 04/29/10, a small speaker system and numerous phone calls to TFS, none of which was pleasant. The product was returned by me, and in June, 2010, after my bank contacted TFS, the charges were reversed and returned to my account. In early June, 2011, more than a year later, I received a phone call at my place of business, stating that TFS had more of the product to send me. I refused, saying I didn’t want any of his products. Yesterday, June 16, 2011, I received a phone call at home in the evening from a rep at TFS who said he was shipping me a catalog and 3 gallons of the spray which had been saved in my name. When I refused both the catalog and spray (which I had not ordered) and reminded him of my previous problems with TFS, he became very threatening and said I must take the product or be sued. He stated he would ruin my credit. I told him AGAIN, I do not want the product, will not pay for it, and don’t call me again! PS: The spray was not effective either!! I do not understand how a company with these tactics and rude CS Reps, can still be in business. Save yourself the trouble and don’t order from The Farm Store.

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Address: P.O. Box 1130 Copiague, New York United States of America


Phone: 1-866-250-9295

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