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I booked a reservation with this company for 11/21 and 11/22. At the time I made reservation, the rep told me I would only be charged for 2 days (voucher) and I gave departure and return times and dates. My flights didnu2019t change; I notice almost 2 weeks later there is a charge for $31.04 on 12/1 on my bank statement. First I was never given an invoice or an email saying they will be charging me and if they were going to charge me this should be a prorated amount, I shouldnu2019t be charged for a full 3rd day. I am a consumer and I feel I was misled by this company. I would have never made the reservation with them if I would have known I was going to be charged the 3rd day, I used a 2 day voucher. Which I have done in the past and I have never been charged. I called and spoke with a manager named Jane and she was very rude and sounded like she didnu2019t want to help me. She hung up the phone in a very sarcastic way, I’m sorry is this how they treat returning customers. I will also contact the dealership to let them know to use a different valet company for their customers purchasing new cars. This company is horrible and I will never use them again. This so called manager also said she was speaking to the manager in the background named “John”” that said all reservations are estimates and I should have read my email. Note taken

I will not have this problem again

I will not use this company again and I will post on every website I can to get the word out to the public.”

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