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Meet Terri Jean Drachenberg. I have wanted to expose this person for several years now, and was so happy when I stumbled upon your site. She is a parasite that will leach on to your man and stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. For some unexplained reason (ha) she has never been married and has no kids. (she is like 41 or 42 years old) She is a teacher (God bless our children), but has resorted to working in day cares because she cannot keep a job at a real school.She went to high school with my Step-Dad. This is the man that has raised my 2 sisters and I since we were 7, 4 and 2. Apparently she was friends with my Dad’s trifling sister, who by the way could never stand the fact that her brother (my Dad) wasn’t at her beck n call, and was always causing problems between my parents. The sister was always having affairs on her husband, and the only conclusion I can come to was that she wanted my Dad to do it also, so she would have a confidante.It started with phone calls. We noticed a strange woman’s name (Terri D) popping up on his phone all the time. She would call constantly…even in the evenings and on weekends when she knew he was home.When my Mom would ask my Dad about her, he would just say that she was an old friend and they were thinking about meeting up with a group of people from school and going to dinner. My Mom would tell him,”ok….sounds like fun. I will go with you”. Of course that never happened.My Mom messaged this Terri D on facebook, trying to get answers, and of course never got a reply. What a coward. The only time she has ever spoken to any of us is when my Mom called from my Dads phone. Of course, we still never got any answers. The coward would hang up on us.My Dads phone rang one time (Terri D was calling), and my sister, who was about 15 at the time, answered. Terri D hung up on her. About 2 minutes later, the phone rang again, (Terri D again) but this time the person on the other end of the line was my Dad’s SISTER (this woman I was expected to call my”Aunt”). My sister knew exactly what was going on, took the phone to my Dad, and of course my Dad went off on his sister. What BALLS these 2 women have. She would constantly text him from her co-workers phones, send messages to his phone from online texting websites, etc. This went on for several months. No answers at all.One Friday night, my parents were arguing about the situation, because my Dad didn’t come home the night before. Mom woke up at 3am with chest pains. They ended up going to the ER, and the next morning, found out that Mom had a heart attack. (She was 41 at the time) Mom was in ICU for 4 days, and guess who had the BALLS to show up to visit her……THE SISTER (my so-called AUNT)!!!!! Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. What a bitch!After Mom got out of the hospital and finally got back to work, she decided that she was NOT going to let this man kill her. She rented a little house and moved 30 minutes away to the town she worked in. (me and my middle sister were already on our own. my youngest sister was in her sophomore year of high school and moved with Mom)Mom went a little crazy for a while. Started going out partying a lot . She even had a 21 year old boyfriend for a while. She was 42. Needless to say, after a few weeks, she sent him on his merry way. I think she had fun while it lasted. Definitely a confidence booster…lolMy Dad would come back around every so often and tell Mom that he wanted to get back together. She still loved him, but knew he was not willing to give up his”secret life”. I think she would entertain the idea, but then Terri D would show up on his phone again, and she would just SMDH!Mom answered his phone one time and asked her to stop calling him, and she actually told Mom,”I don’t have to”.There was another woman in the mix for a short while….(yes….another friend of THE SISTER), but I don’t think that one was quite as desperate as Terri D. She eventually realized that she was just a piece of a** and moved on.My Dad eventually moved in with Terri D, after he got evicted from his house. He was miserable. He was always the bread-winner in our family, but he had just let everything go when he didn’t have Mom. He would act like he was working late and he would take Mom to dinner. Even on Terri D’s birthday….Mom and Dad went to dinner while Terri D was sitting at home waiting on him. I remember Mom telling me how Terri D was blowing his phone up. Mom was loving it. Dad would let us hear the voice mails Terri D would leave him….crying….begging him to call her. She just didn’t understand…POOR THING. We were literally LMAO!!!!After almost 2 years of going back and forth, he finally convinced Mom that he could care less about Terri D, and that he loved and wanted Mom. He proved himself by changing his job, changing his phone #, and never went back to Terri D’s house. They just bought him new clothes.Terri D was like a mad woman trying to get him to come back. Before he got his # changed, she was blowing his phone up. Hundreds of voice mails, crying, pleading…”please, just give me 5 minutes”, etc… She had her male friends sending him text messages threatening him. It was a real ordeal. We were just sitting back, enjoying it and watching KARMA do her job.He has since cut off communication with ALL of the people that were contributing to their problems.February will be 2 years since they got back together and Terri D still tries to get in touch with him. || Terri D, I know you will end up reading this. Moral of the story….the grass always seems greener at one time or another. The bottom line is…IT ISN’T!!! When you get involved in a 17 year relationship where 2 people have built a home and family together, you ARE going to get burned. I was telling my Dad about this site last night, and he just laughed and asked if we had put you on here yet. Then his exact words were,”I’m surprised she hasn’t already been put on there by a couple other people”. You see…he liked the attention you gave him, but he didn’t like YOU. He couldn’t stand being around you. You were annoying, desperate and YOU WEREN’T MY MOM!!!! You were nothing but a free ride for him. He did and said everything he needed to in order to get what he needed at the time. Once he moved out of the house that Mom left him in, and Mom wouldn’t allow him to move in to her new place, he used you for a roof over his head. He knew he was trying to reconcile with Mom and you were nothing but convenience. As soon as Mom agreed to take him back, you were dirt under his toenails. That’s right…TOE JAM!

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