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My husband and I had been together for twenty years (highschool sweethearts). We just bought a house he was president of union second in command for the company he worked for. We have two rambunctious boys ages 12 and 8. Things couldn’t be more perfect. We had that connection you only dream of having. Open, honest, no lies smf always together. Family was first. Then he started hanging with old friends that have always been jealous of what we had. But we worked damn hard to get to where we were. Jealous of us raising our kids and periodically there’s too. My husband quit his job, which I totally had his back. No respect…. My gut told me that something wasn’t right. Hell my boys knew something was wrong asking where’s dad and why isn’t he here. Always some f**ked up excuse”I fell asleep, flat tire, my phone was dead blah blah blah. He was always on his phone and he certainly didn’t return my calls or send me texts. His whole attitude changed with us so much rage I thought oh things are tight in between jobs f**k was I wrong!!! Never in a million years would I have guessed a crack whore would come between us. || July 24, 2012 eleven o’clock at night he was sleeping on couch and his phone was in the bathroom. I decided I had to know and my god my f**king worst nightmare came true. I called the f**king whore right away on his phone she answered who’s this she said his fucking WIFE!!! Click I called her non stop from every phone I could even had friends calling her. She destroyed my life, my kids lives, my whole world . Things have never been the same. We are still together but it has truly been a battle from hell!!!! We will never ever be the same and this wasn’t her first rodeo. She wants what she can’t have and it doesn’t matter what or who she runs over to get it. || Shortly after this she went to prison for meth. Go figure but she’s out on parole so I thought what better way to let other wife’s know there’s a whore on the loose. I truly believe in karma. She will get what’s coming to her ten fold and I can’t wait till it happens!!!

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