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When searching the Internet for refill cartridges for my njoy electronic cigarette I came across this website that advertised them for $2 cheaper then every other site. So I then purchased them and paid for shipping. I was promised delivery in 5-7 buisness days. nWell 30 days later I realized I still hadn’t received them. So I went to the website and tried to log in but it said I had tge wrong password. I use the same password for everything. So I went to the forgot your password link and it said a new password was emailed to me, I did this twice and I never received an email. nThen I went into my email to look for tge comformation email from them from my purchase and there was one email with the receipt of my purchase and it said I would receive another email with tracking information which I never received. My order number is 1000002 which kinda looks fake. On the email it says if you have any question email the fake looking email I posted above or call us at . A period, no number just a period. I looked all over their website for a phone number but there isn’t one. nI emailed them telling them if I didn’t hear from them in a few days then I would report them to fraud claims. Still no email not even the password email.

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