Tactical Advantage Review


At the beginning of May, I placed an order with entrygear.com for a set of TRU’s in woodland camo (similar to ACU uniforms, but not in ACU patterns). Two full days after I placed the order, I received the confirmation of the order (red flag 1 – don’t deal with online stores that don’t have any kind of automated order processing). As an aside, the money was taken out of my account the day of the sale, not when I received the confirmation two days later. The order confirmation stated that my order would ship in “”approx. 3-4 weeks””. So, I was looking at a month and a half until I would receive my uniforms. Hell no. Nowhere on the site did it mention a 3-4 week processing time. In fact, at the time I had placed the order, there was a recent posting under “”site news and product updates”” on the main page that stated Multicam TRU’s were “”in stock””. Seeing as how pretty much no one has Multicam anything in stock, I ASS-U-ME’d that they would have a more common camo pattern in stock. I was told in one of the back-and-forth cancellation e-mails mentioned later that they do not keep any uniforms in stock. Within the past couple of weeks, they added a blurb on some of their product pages that they only stock medium and large sizes. I e-mailed them back at this point, telling them to cancel my order. They wrote back within an hour and stated, “”Our next shipment will arrive here in approx. 10 days. If you items are not in that shipment then we will gladly refund your purchase, but these have already been ordered for you””. I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of “”waiting and seeing””, but 10 days was much, much better than 3-4 weeks, and I was impressed with the speed of the response. Red flag 2, though – the seller took 2 days to send me an order confirmation, and he already had my money, but was right on top of things when it looked like he might lose that money. Three weeks pass, and I got no word back. I e-mailed the seller again, and simply stated that I had not received any communication from him, and quoted his “”10 days”” e-mail. Citing the lack of communication and lack of shipment, I asked to cancel the order again. The seller then responded with an attitude, stating that they will not cancel an order “”just because a customer doesn’t want the item”” (No, I cancelled because your customer service sucks. And besides, what kind of policy is that?), and stated that they had the pants, but were still waiting on the shirt. So, instead of trying to keep me appeased by splitting the shipment and sending me an update, they decided to cut costs and sit on my items until they could ship it all at once. We went back and forth several times, and when I threatened to file a dispute with my credit card, they shipped the pants. I was charged $10 for shipping. They stuffed the pants into a paper Priority Mail flat rate envelope. About 10 days later, the refund for the shirt showed up on my account.I wanted to return the pants and file a dispute anyway, but the time and effort I would have had to expend just to get $40 back wasn’t worth it. Instead, I’d just like to warn all of you guys to stay the heck away from there. Crappy customer service, crappy return policies, and no stock on hand. When everyone and their uncle has an online tactical gear shop, you have to do a little bit better than that, guys. Daniel Memphis, Tennessee U.S.A. .

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