Susana Sangria Mendoza Santa Ana, California California


My husband and I have been married 4 years and have two children. This woman is known to have sex and be in Facebook relationships with multiple men. She tells them all the same thing within a week; she loves them and can’t live without them.My husband started getting distant with me he stopped calling, texting and started coming home more later than usual. I didn’t think anything. Until I saw he started taking his phone everywhere even the bathroom. He would act very secretive. We weren’t getting along we would always argue he seemed irritated. She started talking to him as a friend with her problems with her so many boyfriends. Till finally she started washing his head with negative things saying she could treat him better if he had a woman like her. She always had phone sex with him but she wasn’t satisfied she needed more than that. They would speak on phone for hours. She told him to leave me and start a family with her. Finally my husband confessed to me he was having sex with her and he loved her and he didn’t love me anymore. He would disappear every weekend to be with her. Till finally she turned psycho and obsessed with him. She started being demanding and telling him what to do. He immediately told her to screw her self and to leave him alone. She wouldn’t stop calling or leaving him texts or voicemails. So we blocked her number from calling. || Turns out she found a new victim in Austin Texas and she was dating him at same time and telling him same things. This woman is 38 and single for a reason she can’t keep a stable relationship. She needs to stop playing with these poor guys and stay away from married ones!!!

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