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My fiancĂ© and I have been together for almost 3 years now and have known each from being high school sweethearts. We have always talked on and off throughout the years and kept in touch. || So back in the beginning of March, my man starts acting really weird. I attributed it to the huge amount of stress we had recently taken on. It was affecting our relationship but we have always worked things out so I never thought for a moment he would cheat on me. All of a sudden he never wants to be home, he makes excuses why he’s gone even convinces me he has to have some”man time” and stay the night at a friends house twice. His behavior was completely irrational, one night he said he had to go pick something up and he would be right back. Then I talked to him at 10 pm he was looking for the right place. I didn’t hear from him until after 7 the next morning! I was freaked something happened to him, then he played it off like no big deal. Then one day he informs me he bought a motorcycle! We couldn’t afford that. He said well I got it for us, so we could do things together. Then one night the police show up and ask for Susan’s bike to be returned to her! I ask him who the hell Susan is. He says just a friend. Well now I find out that he’s been seeing her to the extent to create a fake fb page and enter into a relationship with her on it. Every night he spent with man friends he was with her. || Now by now I know she’s about me and our kids. I now find out she even bought our girls the Easter baskets he said his boss bought them! Now he is trying to work things out with me and she won’t let go of him! She knows we are working on things and won’t stop texting him. It’s pathetic and I hope now you will enjoy the same humiliation that I did.

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