Stevens Creek Toyota Review


My last three service visits have had a pattern of highly questionable pricing ethics at Stevens Creek Toyota: 1: Minor service, costing $80.00; upon pick up, agent said I needed the cabin filter replaced; $75. 00 for the filter and $50.00 labor. I declined and asked the location of filter. Told behind the glove box. I purchased an upgraded filter for 5.00 and installed it myself. 2: A service-$400, and told my timing belt needed replacement on 100,000 miles. I declined the repair; Goodyear told me I definitely would have heard the noise from no fluid and although the boot was ripped, the repair was not needed. I also had an alignment performed at that time and the car pulls to the right. There is no way of proving the service dept mechanic intentionally ripped the boot, but nothing flew up into my undercarriage while I was driving and there was no sound symptom of no fluid. The reality is cars in general are not selling these days due to the state of our economy, and dealerships are hurting. I won’t go back. As if the $30,000.00 purchase was not enough, they gouge returning customers for service. Gouged enough. .

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