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Ladies Beware of this seemingly wholesome boy. I say boy because that’s exactly what he is. In the beginning of our 3 year relationship he seemed like a knight in shining armor after getting out of a bad relationship. Being as sweet as pie, saying all the right things. Pretending to share your values. Like loyalty and fidelity. But boy was I wrong. It all started when he would never get off his stupid game he would play all day long. We had our share of arguments and I can admit to being a bitch at times,but i trusted him for the most part. All up until I find porn and emails from craigslist on his computer. I did a little more digging to find out that not only was he looking for NSA fun but it was with a Tranny! Here I am reading that he wants to make this trannys ass ”feel good” under his screen name “Brad Pitt” Hahah oh man is that laughable.He wishes he came close to brad pitt. It all came as a surprise to me, as this fake ass would always say porn and strip clubs and such are degrading to women. But because I loved the guy I tried to work through it. || Strike 1. As I’m asking him a few days later why and if there is anything else I should know he tells me he slept with a girl he worked and went to school with. I tried to forgive him. Strike 2. A couple months went by everything seemed to have cooled down and gotten better.Fooled again. So come to the big blow out of our relationship we had broken up as usual and already he was out on a date 2 days later with some hoe bag from work. He hadn’t sealed the deal yet. He was waiting to do that in the apartment we picked out together prior to his date. His first night in the apartment, He had been inviting me over all day saying he still loved me and wanted to win me back and have me move in with him. Like a dumbass I fell for it. I had gone out that night and asked him to come with me if he wanted to win me back and see me. He had said it was late to go out but to come over after. So I did. Strike 3.I went in to our apartment and woke him up to some bomb ass makeup sex. After sleeping with the scum bag I had asked if we could go for seconds. He didn’t hesitate. As I go to lay down on the bed I reach under the pillow to find an empty condom wrapper that didn’t belong to us. You can imagine my horror as I had just slept with the asshole. He had fucked this bitch and sealed the deal with the girl from work hours to my arrival. So as I try and storm out of the house pissed off and disgusted at what I had just found out, he decides to stop me after I kicked the tv I had given him. He throws me to the ground, after having tripped over his coffee table purse and shit strewn about, I try picking everything up just to have the fucker push me while I’m down. I say fuck my shit, lets square up then! We proceed to grab each other and throw each other around. He tries getting me to the ground (not happening). And at his failed attempt to man handle me after cheating I see my moment of opportunity. I grab his skateboard and bust up my tv. Strike 4. This piece of shit was so pissed off I ruined his means of playing his league of legends game, that he proceeded to grab me by the throat and tell me “you’re not going anywhere bitch”. Well what do you mean, I thought, not going anywhere now or ever?? As I struggled to breath, I quickly came to my fight sense and grabbed the mother fucker back. He didn’t seem to like the dish he was serving. As I try and make my run for the door he grabs me from behind holding me there so I can’t leave. An elbow here and elbow there and I find myself body slammed to the ground. As I try to recover from the bright white light and the crack of my head on the floor, he tries one last time to be the good guy rushing to my aid after giving me a concussion. The doctor felt a lump 5 days later, might i add.. So as I’m trying to recover from my head injury, thats when I really lost it and let go on this stupid piece of shit. He ends up pushing me all the way into his room and throws me on the bed. Runs to his door stands in front of it and says, “You’re going to jail tonight, bitch.” As he is on the phone calling the cops,his phone starts to ring. How embarrassing for you pretending to be on the phone. I then realize I still have a chance to get out I go for the door and try and push him out of the way. He isn’t having any of that I’m just the “crazy bitch” who is overreacting. Clearly. He gets me on the ground and gets on top of me, my face smashed into his carpet. I throw my blows to get the douche off of me and he proceeds to say, “Keep hitting me bitch, keep leaving marks.” But he is the victim here right. So finally after all this my friend shows up I get out of the room and he holds us both there. I try getting out through the window and sure enough I see the bright lights of the cop’s flashlight. He sees this as his opportunity to finally let me go. Opens the door and hand delivers ME to the f**king cops. || So to wrap up the story; if you want to date this guy beware of his gay tendencies and his loyalty to his 2d computer screen. Be prepared to have pizza and water thrown in your face. Oh, and also don’t believe him when he says “she’s just a friend”. Because they always are before they f**k them right? Real charmer this one is ladies. I’m so missing out. Haha. Any who, I’m not with the f**ker, nor do I ever want to be again. Lesson learned you ask? Well yes I should have known as I used to play softball. You strike out at 3. And I just had to keep batting right.

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