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Current mission statement should be : to improve the health of the communities we refuse to serve spinach dip and other store prepared foods to I have been to many Sprouts Stores all over Southern California and for the most part I find the produce and other products I buy are high quality items with reasonable prices. But at the Sprouts in Irvine I have had some of the store prepared dishes that are so horrific that you could create a Science fiction movie trilogy series based on some of their appetizers and main entrees. Today I will focus on one of the items that I purchased the Sprouts famous Spinach Dip. After opening the Sprouts famous Spinach Dip I noticed a unusual smell that came from the container without thinking put some of the dip on a cracker took a nibble and almost gagged. After the initial shock I thought this ghastly ghoulish concoction is so bad it could bring back the dead. The worst part is I couldnu2019t get the taste out of my mouth even after brushing my teeth. This horrifyingly evil dip turned my entire meal in to a true monstrosity of mess. If you look at the picture I included of Sprouts famous Spinach Dip on the fork doesnu2019t it remind you of regurgitated cow puke? Maybe itu2019s not spinach and its seaweed picked off the coast of Japan near the Fukushima nuclear power plant. I mean I did turn green after that tantalizing bite. Has the CEO Doug Sanders or Geoff Iguchi Store Manager ever eaten Sprouts famous Spinach Dip? I personally think not or he would change the Sprouts Farmers Market mission statement to improve the health of the communities we serve to improve the health of the communities we refuse to serve spinach dip and other store prepared foods to. I will never eat anything from that Sprouts Farmers Market location in the future so I can improve my health in the community I live in.

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