Sound Warehouse Provo Utah


Complaint: We had an overhead DVD installed and they charged $800 for a $400 machine including installation. Basically they took advantage of a female ( my wife ) who didn’t know better. Well that’s fine, she agreed to it, but after installation the sound was terrible. Radio stations would bleed in and over ride the sound from the DVD player. Rather than put in a $25 part to avoid this problem, they elected to save the cost and give us bad sound. Upon returning and complaining they offered to install that part for another $100. One would think with the excessive profit they made that they could have done it free or at cost. I had to pay someone to install the part after buying it for $18 on eBay. Problem solved, but I’m not happy with Sound Warehouse.

Tags: Auto Audio Electronics

Address: 1680 N State St Orem, Utah United States of America


Phone: (801) 226-6090

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