Smart Travel & Incentives, Inc. castle rock Colorado Review


I attended a World Resorts International presentation on Saturday with a 100% guarantee that I would receive 2 FREE AIRLINE TICKETS AND A 3 NIGHT HOTEL STAY ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. After reading the fine print, I will have to pay $75 booking fee, $75 surcharge fee and mail a $100 cashiers check to a company and wait 4 to 5 weeks to receive my instructions. The fine print in the deal is so confusing that it prompted me to call the 407-562-1891 number. I called the number and was placed on hold after each question asked. After being on hold for a very long time I got the impression that they were trying to get rid of me because I was asking specific questions before sending in the $100 cashiers check. This is all very sad and NOTHING BUT A RIPOFF SCAM. DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY! DO NOT PARTICIPATE!

801 International Parkway 5th floor Lake Mary, Florida United States of America


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