Shelly Shapiro Straus Long Grove Illinois


My husband met this woman when we were married about 11 years. We were a struggling young family 3 sons, at that time they were 10 and twins 6 year olds. Trying to make ends meet my husband took a side handyman job for a couple from a wealthy suburb that paid good money. After he did a few jobs for them the wife wanted to make him there regular handyman, doing remodeling from top to bottom of their older but expensive home. In the beginning she was a little heavier but after he started working for her she drop some weight. Then she started taking Spanish classes for no apparent reason (my ex-husbands of Mexican descent and speaks Spanish). We would be invited over on occasion since we had children the same ages. .She would blatantly flirt with him in front of me, made me very uneasy. My ex seemed oblivious to it at that time. I pointed it out to him, he would laugh and say I imagined it and she was too expensive and to dyke looking to even get his attention anyway. || Then one day I found out that she had quit her clerical job at a jewelry making company to work for that same hospital group my ex and I did, only a few blocks away from the location he was working at. Now her husband had BIG money…she did not need to work, even her husband did not need to work…so it was VERY odd to me. He was spending most days during the week working at their house and most Saturdays so we as his family rarely saw him. I asked him several time to quit, it was getting too weird with all the things she was doing. I also discovered she was working side by side with him painting wallpapering and other projects on the house. He still was denying it. || Then one night as I was reading my emails and got a confirmation email that a ecard was picked up by her in her email. I followed the links and sure as shit…it was from him to her…A romantic beach scene with a love poem and the signed words…”This says it all” that he signed card with. Well that was my confirmation that I was NOT crazy or imaging thing between them. He even told our boys Mommy’s crazy and imaging all this. He was asleep when I confronted him, woke him up, he denied it and said our  son must of sent it on accident…REALLY…am I that stupid?? He apologized, begged me to forgive him, it was a weak moment since over the last 2 years I had been having female issue with overgrown fibroids and pain that kept my with a heavy painful period for 24/7 for over 18 months before having a hysterectomy. So he had not had sex regularly during that time…Not that I was denying him…health wise was not possible. || Well he quit the side job with her and cut off ties…or so I thought. Someone that worked with her at the hospital group and knew me came and told me she had divorced her husband and had bought a house 4 blocks from me. I live in a little town that’s has way lower income average then where she was living…but she still bought a house worth 4 times the money and 4 times size from ours. Once I told him I knew she was moving nearby soon (she use to put down this town for being ghettoish at one time) he admitted he knew. I told him, with a new house, I know she going to want work done on it, but I told him that that couldn’t happen if we want to stay married. He seem to agree, but never brought it up again for a few weeks .Now she has 3 kids same age as mine by perusing my husband she was destroying her own family too. That did not seem to bother her at all. || He all of a sudden one night called to say he had to work late at his daytime regular job….which never happens…so that was a red flag. He hated cell phones so he only carried a pager. So I decided to page him to see if he’d call me and if he did..WHERE it would be from. Well he called me telling me he was at his job at hospital that is 25 miles away, but the number he called from was a local exchange for our town. So after I hung up I thought about where it could be…would he call from her house??..or payphone? So since I knew where her new house was I found the closest gas station with a payphone…BINGO…it was same damn number. That’s when I knew 100% for sure he was seeing her again. I even went and parked by her house a few night he was supposedly working late…just to see him pull out of her garage. || I started confronting him…he was arrogant about it, still denying it like I was crazy and imagined it. He was telling me to throw him out, that it would make it much easier for him to leave. I was not about to throw him out after that. Also kids crying and begging me not to didn’t help either. I also knew she was wanting me to throw him out so he would move in.  I even found a note (my 10 year old son found it actually in an old duffel bag of his dads.) that gave him 10 step by step moves on how to leave me…including how to get the kids to run away with him written by her……GRRRR. After a few months he decided to leave and move in with her. We were barely making our bills and mortgage, so that was a huge stress making it work. Within 6 months of living there he beg to move back in on his birthday…he was over for dinner with kids…I took him back…but within 3 months…found him sneaking away to meet her..again… || It was totally over. He moved out again a few months later and has not tried to come back. He lives well with her in her large house while his kids and I are just above poverty struggling to keep the tiny house they grew up in. We divorced 2 years after he moved out and he wanted me to file so he can say it was my idea. I refused and he finally did . Even though he only lives less than 1/2 mile away, he only sees his sons once every 2 weeks or so…so sad…he was their daddy hero…now he is just a father. I think he lost more than we did…my kids and I still have our priceless tie…he lost his to be with her…

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