Shelley Clayton – NASTY FAT A55 couldn’t find her own man! HIDE your MAN West Virginia


Let me fill you in on this nasty ass girl….her name is Shelley Clayton, she is a nurse that works at Burlington family services and is very well known to sleep around with serveral staff members out there. She has been in multiple relationships with men and sadly none will stay and put up with her nasty fat a55. “Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife” this pig has not only tried to message my boyfriend and sleep with him knowing he had a woman but she has recently worked her way into someone else marriage because, just going out and finding your own man is to much work…so she done destroyed a beautiful little family and the man she is sleeping with who is married, has a wife and baby. But do you think she cares about if you have a family? Or married??? Hell no.!! She is the definition of an DRD and literally has made a name for herself around this small area.! Please be aware and remember the name and face because, again she could be trying to fuk your man next.!!!!

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