Shea Carty – Clinton, Indiana Indiana


On November 2nd my husband had a moment of weakness and cheated on me after 8 years together, it was a one night stand he apologized and has been begging for my forgiveness since. She kept blowing up his phone with “I love you”s even though he wouldn’t reply. He informed her were married and woulde be staying together when suddenly she found out she was “pregnant”. However we are not allowed to go to Dr appts and/or hear the heart beat. She ran to Indianapolis after sending him a message begging him to leave me and even tried getting me to leave him. She is close friends with his ex before me. I beg women watch out for you because she doesn’t care if you’re married have kids, ect. She is a homewrecker through and through. Shea Carty has spun my life upset down and more. Everyday I have to hear about this, have it thrown in my face and Ive been tryng to have a baby for years now. WOMEN BEWARE SHEA CARTY.

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