Shauna Kime – Snohomish, Washington Washington


It all began about three years ago. I was living in NY while my boyfriend lived in WA. For two years I was handling my affairs in NY (selling my house, searching for a job out here) before making the cross country move. I was completely oblivious that anything was going on, though being three thousand miles away I knew there was always a possibility. There was never any indication though, so I really had no reason to suspect. We had a really good relationship long distance and nothing seemed wrong, and it really wasn’t. I just had no idea that my boyfriend has been having this affair with Shauna for our entire relationship. A month before I moved I began receiving anonymous emails that my boyfriend was cheating on me. I didn’t respond as I suspected someone was messing with me. Then a friend of mine started getting the same emails saying my boyfriend cheated on me. I told him not to respond, and I contacted the person asking them to leave my friends along and come off anonymous if they wanted to speak with me. I heard nothing from them for a week. Then it’s the night before I’m moving and I’m out with friends when this anonymous character contacts me again. Now I’m pissed because I have a hundred other things going on and no time to be bothered with this “anonymous” person. I responded and asked for more information which they really didn’t provide anything substantial other than they were from Lake Stevens WA. || I confronted my boyfriend about it and he said he didn’t know who the person was or why they were contacting me. It was all quickly dismissed as my dogs were on a cross country flight and I was leaving the next day. The first week I moved out here I saw her text him and I immediately knew… Things began to go downhill from there. She had emailed me directly to ask if I had anything to ask her, to which I said no. My boyfriend told me they had been friends and that she wanted to be more but he told her that was never going to happen. There was some back and forth drama a few times in the months after I moved, but things settled down in November 2014 and I thought she was gone for good. Little did I know the manipulative person I was dealing with. Shauna has no respect for herself or for anyone else. She used her son as a pawn in her malicious game to get me and boyfriend to break up. It all came crumbling down in January 2015 when I found out once and for all what had really been going on. The story I got was that she had been a friend and it turned in a sexual relationship which my boyfriend wasn’t able to get out of. He claims he tried many times and it would end for a while and then she would weasel her way in. She basically used blackmail on him telling him she would expose everything to me and so on and so forth and he got scared. He didn’t want it to all come out like that. All the while she knew about me. She knew I was his girlfriend and she was the side chick. She didn’t care. She wanted him all to herself and she was going to do whatever it took to get me out of the picture, thus why she contacted me anonymously. When I finally found out I wanted to speak with her about it. She wouldn’t talk to me until I threaten to go into her job and make a scene. It wouldn’t be that hard since she works at Albertsons in Mukilteo. She then tried to feed me all this bull shit about girl power and that my boyfriend had told her we were breaking up and blah blah blah. This little girl is a very vindictive person with no regard for anyone. While I know that my boyfriend was also in the wrong we have worked very hard to move past this and have grown exponentially from this experience. For her sake and the sake of her child, I hope that Shauna can get her priorities straight in life. Because of the interactions I have had with her and her stories (which she actually believes) I am convinced that she has something seriously mentally wrong with her. She completely hides the fact that she is not an innocent person in this. She is NOT the victim. She plays this victim role and it makes me sick. She could of and should have walked away and any point but she didn’t. She is far too old to be contacting anyone anonymously, and playing the games she played with me and my boyfriend. She made the choice to do the things she did, and I think it’s only fair to expose her for the terrible person that she is.

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