Sharon Hart Oskaloosa, Iowa Iowa


My husband and I have been together for 14 years. Four years ago we moved to his hometown in Iowa to be closer to his family and move in to his grandmother’s home. Shortly after being there my 8yr old son befriended a neighborhood girl same age as him. She lived with her father and older brother as there mom is a meth whore over the years of living there so would randomly show up. I was never disrespectful to her and even tried to be friends to her let her come to my house and go swimming and her daughter basically lived in my home. I bought her clothes all the time as she didn’t have much and neither parent seemed to be doing anything to help her.Well last year I went to TN my hometown to visit my family during the summer and while I was away her mother Sharon Hart texted my husband over 40 times. How did I find this out? Through the bill not because he told me when confronted. †He said she just started texting back to back and was wanting to hook up but they didn’t supposedly and that he got meth for her so he had got with his old friends and started doing drugs. Had I have known any of this I would have never went back. Anyway I confronted her about texting him and she said it wasn’t like that and that she didn’t want my man. Ha what a joke.I had him go to rehab and we were trying to make it work at least I was but he got so deep in drugs and I was two months pregnant with our 4th child and he came in at 1am on march 1st and we got into an argument which led to me having a black eye and a concussion and having to stay in the shelter until he was found and arrested. I then packed up very little having to leave 14yrs of material crap behind and moved back to TN. After being here 2 months he came to visit and we were talking he was saying everything I wanted and need to hear being pregnant and alone was a first for me and I was scared and lonely. But his visit was short lived as he had to go back to go to court and was on probation. So along comes September hes been in Iowa the whole time and me in Tennessee paying all bills and everything else on my own with 3 kids and being pregnant he didn’t send any money to help at all. Anyway, he wanted to come for the birth of our son. So I had it set up for the 10th so he could be here I couldn’t think about doing it alone. So he came and it was nice at least I thought. He stayed until the 12th and then headed back to Iowa I was heartbroken and devastated that he had to go. We had a court day to lift the no contact order and get his probation sent here a month later so that he could come be with us. Of course I thought everything was going to be ok and that he would be here. Only to find out 3 weeks after him being back there he had f**ked this Sharon Hart one night in the park under a pavilion and he had been selling meth to her and several others.Im so hurt because of who he cheated with. She is nasty and the fact of all that I done for her kids and I had just had a baby and I knew she would try and get him and I constantly told him to stay away from her but he didn’t. He said he was just horny and on drugs and was never going to tell me but his conscience wouldn’t let him he just had to tell. Iím devastated and do not know how to deal with the hurt and anger. I feel so disrespected not only from him but her too she knew I didn’t like her, she knew we just had a baby and it was just so wrong in so many ways. He said she would just not stay away. I honestly just want to beat the shit out of this nasty skank for ruining our family as there is no chance in hell I will ever be with him again. Of course he is crying and making all sorts of promises and when the court date came I requested that the no contact order not be lifted. So now im here raising my kids alone all because this skank would not stay away. I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel and not think about the children. They have hurt not only me and my kids but hers too as she tells her daughter things that she shouldn’t know and puts her in the middle of her mess. †Her little girl sent me a message on facebook saying that she knew and that they told her to keep it a secret and that we were her family and her mom ruined it for us. How sad. || I am extremely bitter right now I guess that is just part of the healing process but I am also just in complete disbelief that he could hurt me that bad of all the nasty meth whores why HER!?!? I just cant believe it im so heartbroken. He gave all 14yrs of us and our kids to that nasty skank who wouldn’t just back off. She has been with so many different men in that town and broken up so many families and she is so ugly I just don’t get it. So warning to all if youíre ever in Iowa small town Oskaloosa watch out for this nasty hooker she will try anything to break up a family because she canít have her own.

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