Sarah Troy Erie, Colorado Colorado


This whore use to date my husband’s brother for 14 years! At my husband’s 40th birthday she went and seduced him in the bathroom. I found them making out and made a scene. Sarah left with his brother because they were with each other! A few months later she was at my house when the kids and I were gone! I caught them together in May of 2011 and tried running this whore off the road! I told my husband he was never going to see the kids again, of course he begged me that he would never see her again and he wanted his family together! || I got my own apartment and he lied to me and said he was staying with one of his brothers! I found out that the whole time he has been with her while him and I have been in marriage counseling repairing our marriage! I can’t stand this bitch. She is a dirty whore sleeping with brothers! She also works for the city of Erie, Co and sleeps with a few guys there too. My husband will not leave her and has NOT seen the kids! We are in the process of getting a divorce but I’m going to take every penny he makes! Beware of this homewrecker! She plays nice and as long as a guy is nice to her she will sleep with him!

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