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I’ve been married for 27 years, have four amazing children and had a fairly good marriage. We certainly experienced some ups and downs…early on, we battled some addiction issues (I stood by my man) and had some stress. Overall, we had a terrific life, live in a great community, are involved in our church and city-life… || Completely unknown to me was the reality that there was a second life going on behind the scenes. My husband and I attended his class reunion and had a really good time. We sat at a table with an old friend of his, Sandra Price, and her live-in lover of 16 years. Toward the end of the evening, as we were talking with another couple prior to leaving, Sandra bumped in to my husband. Apparently, as he gracefully said,”excuse me,” she passed him a seductive look. Intrigued, he sent her a private FB message the next day asking if she was headed back up to Atlanta. She said back,”why…what do you have in mind?” Two days later she called him on his cell, and they spoke for 40 minutes. They were off to the races. Sandra and my husband live 6 hours away, so things were going to be tricky. || 18 days later, my husband used a college trip for one of our children as a cover to meet up with Sandra. After dropping my son off, he traveled 5 hours away, and they shared a shabby cabin in Cherokee where they had sex. He called me from the cabin…with her right there. 48 days later they arranged another meeting…this time in Palatka, FL under the guise of a family reunion (her) and hunting (him) and stayed at a nasty Quality Inn where they had more sex. Meanwhile, the phone calls, texts and FB texts that were sex filled and CONSTANT went on. It began to develop…she convinced him that”he deserved to be happy” and that she was his”soulmate.” She would text him to”divorce her! divorce her!” and he assured her it was coming. Things were getting a bit dicey…my aging parents moved in with us, and a high school graduation was imminent. Sandra got frustrated and wanted reassurance over and over that she would be with my husband for life. He was caught between the illicit affair and his love for our family. And for me. He told her they needed to stop…gave her a big list of reasons why. She said ok. Then a couple days later came back and said,”you didn’t really mean that, right?” And things were back on. || I knew nothing. Nothing. || In February, I had to travel to DC for business for two days. My husband dropped me at the airport on Sunday and picked up Sandra Kay Price on Monday. They walked on the beach, had a drink at the (removed) in Fernandina and then had dinner at (removed). From there, they went to the (removed) where, once again, they had sex. The next morning, after more sex, he called his dad from the hotel room (after talking to my mom the day before with mistress in the car). They ate breakfast, he took her to the airport. Two hours later, he picked me up from the airport. || But someone saw him. A couple weeks later, he got an anonymous email from a”friend” who said they had seen him with another woman. They encouraged him to come clean, get help and said they would be watching. He panicked, sent the email to Sandra Kay Price and they began to plot to cover up their affair. They decided they would split up so he could divorce me and then they would get back together six or eight months later so our kids would not reject Sandra. Then about 5 weeks later, I got the anonymous email and the whole thing began to unravel. First, he told me the cover story and sent me on a red-herring chase after someone who was not involved. Then I found a letter from Sandra Kay Price that had details, dates and information. My husband and I had already started counseling by then, but this took my breath away. I was devastated. He told me about the start up at the reunion and that they had met one time (Palatka) but not spent the night or had sex (later proved a lie). He told me they had met in Fernandina and had spent the night and had sex, but that he was already trying to break up with her. So I stayed…trying to work through the hurt and pain and everything. And two weeks later to the day, he finally told me the whole truth. Or I guess it’s the whole truth. Who knows at this point? || Ready for this one? This girl, who attended our wedding, was a brief lover of my husband right after they graduated from high school. They went on a couple dates and had sex a couple times. At his ten year reunion, when we had been married for 2 years and had a four month-old infant, he got really drunk and ended up…in bed with Sandra Kay Price. 25 years later, the reunion story (above) occurred…but the reality is they met all the times and had sex and talked constantly and emailed and texted and talked about more sex and a future, etc. I’m so sickened and disgusted and think this horrific, slut of a woman who has been after my husband since two years after we were married should be EXPOSED. Sandra Kay Price…you are the lowest of the low.

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