Sana Khan Laurel, Maryland Maryland


Sana and I met at work back in 2007 and quickly became best friends. We did everything together movies, concerts, work events you name it we did it. When I first met her I was dating my husband at the time. I should have seen a red flag because she told me more than once he was hot. Years pass in 2008 I married my husband and this whore was there in the musk (yes she Muslim!!!!) watch me marry him and all. 2010 I gave birth to my daughter who she helps babysit for me since we work at the same place. Well summer of 2011 came and my husband and I started to have problems so I turn to her for comfort. Little did I know she was going behind my back using my rants against me to get my husband? My husband and I had a huge fight and separated in August of 2011. During this time she was acting like a supporting friend coming over to give me a shoulder to cry on but was sleeping with my husband and taking care of my daughter on his visitation days!!! || September 2011 my husband started to let it slip because everything I tell Sana, 10 minutes later my husband would call me and start a fight with me over. I put two and two together and confronted her and she still denied it. My husband however did not. I ended the friendship that second. October 2011 came and I went into surgery at this point my husband started coming around a lot more and not spending anytime with her. So our job number would pop up on his phone while he was with me or her cell. Still I confront her she still denied it. At this point I had already curse her out and told her she was whore and a home wrecking slut. || November 2011 my husband came back and asks to fix things with me and didn’t know what he was thinking getting with her slut self. During this time she continued to message him and beg him to take her back. She uses every trick in the book from attempt suicide to car accident. It didn’t work. She contacted me one last time in hopes to collect on some money I owed her… I know as if I give her shit. I let her know I would knock her teeth out if I ever saw her again and to drop dead. || I ran into her once but I was with my daughter and could not bring myself to violence in front of my child. I still don’t feel justice in this and need revenge so hope this does it.

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