Samra Knezevic


Hello, I hired Samra Knezevic to be a nurse for my disabled elderly father. Just before I hired her I installed cameras and microphones throughout my father’s house so I could keep an eye on his care. Soon after I hired Samra Knezevic I discovered how she was mistreating and fusing my father by calling him names, cursing at him and in a couple instances she shoved him causing him to fall down on the ground. She would leave him down on the ground for hours at a time laughing at him and continuing to call him names Indian with threaten to do bodily harm to him if he ever mentioned it to me or reported it to the police. Then There came The Disappearance of his personal belongings. I caught Samra Knezevic on camera stealing my father’s jewelry which included a Priceless Rolex watch that my father and had since he was in college. After that with the video and audio evidence I had collected I fired Samra and contacted the police and made a police report. She is currently under investigation by the Tucson Police Department. Also I had hired and investigative service to do a background check on her and I found out that she had worked with TMC hospital in Tucson Arizona as a nurse. She was fired from the job after she was caught abusing elderly patients. And also stealing their personal belongings and their pharmaceutical medication. TMC hospital also filed a police report which is still being investigated. Please to those out there reading this do not hire Samra Knezevic as she is definitely mentally ill and cannot be trusted. I hope set this review will save others from going through what I had to go through. Thank you for reading

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