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My 50 year old husband Dean Hatchell and I (47 years old) have been married for almost 23 years. I am a Realtor. He is a Police Sergeant at North Charleston Police Department. When the market took a downfall he started teaching Basic EMT classes since he was an instructor in order to pick up the slack in order for us to keep our house and feed our 3 kids. He taught once class from January to May 2012 and everything was ok then the hell class started with the WHORE. He started teaching these classes at night when he was off at the end of June 2012. There was the young 23 year old girl was was also married for a whole year and a half that started parking her car over by his after class was over and she would wait for him to come out. She would be crying so he could see her in distress. Finally he went over to check to make sure she was ok and she she started telling him about problem she was having with her husband watching porn and masturbating in front of her and everything else about their sex life. She was nasty. He called her later to make sure she was ok then that is when Satan opened the door for my stupid husband to be sucked in by her nasty behind. She thought it was wonderful that he would just call her to make sure she was ok. Apparently she has DADDY issues!!!! She called him again with in couple of days when they were not in class and asked him what he was doing, he dumb behind was with our younger son at a school JROTC event in Mt Pleasant. He left our son there by himself, which he NEVER did, and she told him to meet her at Trader Joes. She went on and on about her sex life and very detailed things that her husband would have her do juts roping my dumbass husband right in making him just want it. Thing is he was still having sex with me so wasn’t like he was not getting anything!!!! He told her he wanted to kiss her and without hesitation or saying no it is wrong because she was married she leaned in for the kill and kissed him. It was on like Donkey Kong after that.They started meeting after class and riding around the city to go park like teenagers, of course she was like a teenager since she was 23 and my old man was 49 at the time. They would sit in the class after every one would leave and lock the door, cut of the security cameras and he would let her just play with his penis since he was not as big as her husband she would tell him. She would tell him how she would just lay there and her husband with his gigantic dick would just pound her for ours. She would also tell him that her husband would make her give him a blow job while he was driving down the road and make her swallow his cum but she could not unless she had a bottle of water. So of course my stupid husband asked her if she would ever do that for him and she stated if I ever bring a bottle of water and just sit it on my desk you will know I will be doing it for you that night. Well they had a Saturday class that was on September 29, 2012 that was supposed to get out at 5 pm however he could not stand it any longer with that bottle on her desk so he called the class out early at 2 pm and drove her in his police car to a location on the old navy base parked got out, sat on a bench and she got her little bottle of water then tried to unbutton his pants but of course since he is a fat ass diabetic she was unsuccessful so he did it for her and pulled his penis out and she gave him a blow job and did not even know how to do it right because she was a little girl! He said it hurt him so bad that he did that but obviously not bad enough to not want to F**K her. She told him she would fuck him but not in the car for the first time, huh, I guess the blow job was different!! She rented a hotel room at the round Holiday Inn downtown Charleston on October 4, 2012 and called my husband to meet her there in room 608. He was teaching another class of the College of Charleston so went running over there that evening once class was out. He just could not get there fast enough. He went inside and they starting undressing one another then she laid back on the bed turned her head away from him and looked at the wall the whole time he ate her pussy and then fucked her!!!!!!!! She never touched him or moaned or ANYTHING!!!! She was a dead fuck!!! That wasn’t bad enough. He figured his old ass could teach her to please him well again they met the next night on October 5, 2012 and she met him at Trader Joes in Mt Pleasant again. He parked his police car and she let him drive her HUSBAND’s white Altima to Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island and fuck her in the car and again she did the same thing. SHE WAS A DEAD FUCK. Hello what is the problem here when I know how to take care of my man!!!!! They starting fucking each other in the building where he taught a Low Country Regional EMS after class and sometimes they would drive to the old navy base and she would fuck him in her husband’s car again. ALWAYS THE SAME, turning her head and not even touching him or making a noise while he fucked her. DISGUSTING!!!!! He would check off the air while on duty and go meet with her every morning and sometimes at noon where her little no money making CNA ass worked just so she could kiss him. Then she started leaving James island where she works and lives and call him at work to have him meet her as they were getting off work early. He would drive his police car down Pittsburg St where the strip clubs are, get in her husband’s car again while in uniform and fuck her dead fuck ass. They were like dogs in heat.Finally our 14 year old daughter came to me to let me know he would not let her use his phone which he always let her play games on it. It made me suspicious so I looked at his texts messages and could not believe my whole world was over. They were texting each other sexual stuff. I put a tracker on his phone and starting tracking him. I could see all of the texts coming in and all the ones he was sending out. I had everything I needed including GPS locations where they were to burn them both!!!!! She started threatening me stating she was going to crush me. Hello little girl I have 23 years more years of experience than you so don’t think so. My poor 18 year son was following my husband around trying to catch them and thank God he never did since I know my son would have hurt him bad. My 16 year old was also devastated and my poor 14 year old daughter had been reading the text messages and seeing the nasty pictures of them selves on his phone for 3 weeks prior to even telling me because she did not want to believe her daddy would do that. I hired a Private Investigator. He caught them having sex in her husband’s car after class one night and caught them when my husband was meeting her while he was on duty in the mornings and in the afternoon and caught them in Folly Beach parking and f**king there too!!! I had gone to her house on 10/13/2012 when I first found out and warned her to stay away from my husband then I hired the PI. She obviously did not heed my warning. I followed them myself and was just devastated. I cannot believe the man I have spent half my life with and the father of my 3 children would do something like this. He condemned all the police officers who were doing the very same thing publicly. He told her in front of me that it was over and begged me to forgive him. I decided to since I figured I needed to teach my kids about forgiveness. Probably had I not had kids he surely would have been gone. Thing is he lied to me for a whole year now telling me he never had sex with her that she had only given him the one blow job. Someone called me last Monday to tell me the truth. He decided to come clean with me is how I know all of the horrible details!!!She still calls him and tries to get him. He keeps telling her to leave him alone that he is working on his marriage and wants nothing to do with her. He just retired from the police department because he is old., She has a little 24 year old husband who is not a fat ass diabetic hardly working penis like mine. Why can’t she just leave my husband alone and go back to her husband with the big dick that works!!!! I want her husband to know is why I am putting it out here. This stupid little girl started filing false police reports about me stating that I was going to her house trying to get her and texting her telling her I was coming to kill her. I have proof that I have never done that. I keep itemized phone records so she is a liar!! I want her to leave us alone. My children have been hurt enough without her stalking me and my husband all the time. She has texted me telling me things she did with my husband and I just want it over!  She has caused us to almost lose everything. SHE IS A HOMEWRECKER!I have included a couple of pictures she texted him during the affair that I got to before he deleted them. The other ones were of her naked. I did not get to them fast enough. Of course he was sending her naked pics of himself with his sexy fat belly!!!! One was of her little girl ass in a new out fit she purchased to go to marriage counselling with her husband in an hour after she sucked my husband’s dick!!!! The other is of her and her stupid dog and one of the last night of the class he made me go to since he no longer wanted to have contact with her and did not want to go alone. She is the one in the pink t-shirt and he is the old ass man on the left. She looks like she is 12 years old is the issue I have with him f**king her when she looks younger than our 14 year old daughter. Plus she surely did not wait long after she was married to f**k my husband so I am sure she’s probably f**king other wives husbands too!!!! Now I have to get tested for STDS and am so scared that since he told me he had unprotected sex with her and used the pull out method that he damn sure knows does not work that she may have had a baby.  Nasty WHORE!!!!! I know when I was 23 I surely did not want some crusty old fat ass grey haired old man. Something is seriously wrong with her!!! >

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