Rowsonberg Financial Group Review


This company contacted me on September 13th and offered you a loan for $8,000. Because I had no collateral and poor credit they said I had three choices to get the loan. Get a cosigner for the loan, pay $325 down, or pay $1,200 down. I chose to pay the $325, and they would match the $325. The only option they gave me to pay was Western Union. My friend went and paid for me and after I contacted them and told them that I had sent the money they said that I should have my money the next day. The next money when I called the company said that I had problem, because I had an issue with the first payment, I had to make another payment of $325. I had to borrow the money from someone and I then Western Unioned the money again.I confirmed that they received the money, and was told that my money would be in the bank by Monday. Monday morning the money wasn’t in the bank. I called to see why I didn’t receive my money, and I I was told that it was a problem with a tax at the Canadian border. There was a $300 tax and they were holding my loan until I could pay that. I refused to pay the money and they said if I didn’t pay they would take it out of petty cash and pay it for me by Friday. Today I called and they said that they wanted me to pay the $300 fee, that they were not going to take it out of their petty cash. After I got mad the woman i spoke to told me she was a good Christian woman and she was for real and she would never steal my money. The papers they sent me look legitimate.

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