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Do your homework thoroughly before booking this ghetto of a hotel. Be sure to read the reviews on Tripadvisor, Google, and Yelp!! It’s that bad!! Very bad!! I don’t know where to start. I thought I was getting a good deal on this hotel when I booked through Wyndham Rewards Resorts (Wyndham claimed that The Row is one of their hotels, as in a sister property, but a front desk associate told me they are not affiliated with Wyndham in this way). When I arrived to check in, my card was swiped for a deposit and a facility fee. Instead of just taking the entire amount up front for the 3 days that I was staying there, the Row decided to do it nightly in order to tack on the FACILITY FEES. This is how they make their money- | -advertising at an attractive rate then making up for it by charging facility fees. There was a problem the third night with my card. They weren’t able to get my card to go through and asked if I had other means of payment. | I gave them 3 different cards and they were not enough to cover. The manager on duty that night didn’t even have the balls to come out of the office and talk to me face to face. Instead, there were 2 employees that kept walking back and forth into the office asking the manager what to do. They even sent security to my room to get me and escort me back there to get another form of payment. Imagine that! One employee, a Hispanic woman, (whoever the fat lady with her hair pulled back was | working the night of 8/7/15), told me that I couldn’t go back into my room until they received another $85! Not $8,500 but $85. She locked my key card so that I could not return to my room. After an hour of this pettiness, she came back and took the FACILITY FEES off and told me in these exact words: “Next time don’t do this or we’ll just have to call the cops”. So, Row is in the business of “calling the cops” on guests when non-criminal matters arise I see. This would be more of a civil issue, ya think? I’m curious to know how many guests they have actually called the cops on when there was a payment issue. I wasn’t using a stolen credit card nor was I defrauding them in any way so why would anyone threaten to | do this? First of all, this situation was not even a “cop” issue. She made it seem as if I was skipping out on my tab. My funds were placed ON HOLD by my bank (which is typical) until each transaction cleared, which in turn made it impossible for them to get their money right away due to the fact they they swipe your card nightly. This was my bank, not me. It was an unfortunate and inconvenient situation, however I had absolutely no control over this, even after contacting my bank countless numbers of times to explain the situation. It’s not like my bank was going to speed up the transaction for my sake. That’s not how they work. Again, if Row had only taken the deposit and fees upfront when I initially arrived this | would have been no issue. Second, there won’t be a “next time”. Im a business woman and I have stayed in many hotels throughout my life and this has never happened. Maybe this should be a lesson to the hotel to take their deposit and fees up front to avoid issues like this in the future. What would they do if I was to lose my card or if it was stolen? Call the police still? Lock me out of my room? As far as looks and ambience, this hotel is only nice in the lobby area. Once you get off the elevators to your room, it becomes bland. Also, housekeeping is obviously short staffed and they don’t even carry products that one would expect from a place of this stature. In case you forget something at home, don’t count on the | hotel to have it because they don’t. The maids were crazily knocking on my door at 10:00 a.m. to do housekeeping services and I turned them away. The hotel doesn’t inform guests upon arrival about the amenities that can be used. I had absolutely no idea that I could make free local calls (most hotels charge for this) or even use their business office to fax, print, etc, as this was something I needed to do. Apparently these are some of the “amenities” they don’t want everyone to know about. They don’t inform you of any of this upon check-in. They will quickly slap you with silly fees and quickly explain them if you dare question. They also have a GYM on the premises, something I would have fully utilized if | only I had known about it. Here’s something else: It took at least 1 hour for me to get washcloths in my room the first night because there were 0 washcloths when I arrived. Next, it took another hour for maintenance to come to my room and pull the shower knob for me because it was stuck. I was in a room with a queen bed that was very small, a small tight bathroom as well. To give you an idea of how small of a bathroom, picture this: you could use the sink to brush your teeth, sit on the toilet, and take a bath at the same time with no issues and I’m a thin-to-average sized woman. Stay here at your own risk. You’ve been warned.


  • Name: Row NYC
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
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  • Phone: (888) 352-3650
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