Rosemary Virella Bronx, New York New York


The man that I’ve been with of 18 years decided to have an Facebook relationship with this woman out of all places, and on a sex chat, a secret sex chat! This homewrecker knew that he had a family with kids and lived in a different state. She spoke to him so well that she convinced him to go to NY. He packed up his shit and told me that will be going on vacation for four days to see his sister, I didn’t know he was talking to woman mind you so I had no reasons to not let him go. He only packed 4 days’ worth of clothes! || 3 days passed by and this SOB has the nerve to tell me he was staying and not coming back! I didn’t know what was going on until I found his old phone that was still logged on to Facebook and it was receiving notifications and that how I found out that he was at first having an Facebook affair then left to NY. He left his well-paying job, his car, and his kids to go to the Bronx with no job, no car, no money and HER kids! But what makes this even more interesting she doesn’t work either!

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