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Complaint: Complete and Utter FRAUD This IS A DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATH He is the real thing he is absouloutly a DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATH He gangstalks He is a severe HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR Be warned his brain does NOT function as a normal brain he is dangerous. I wanted you to have a heads up as to his new fake facebook page name. He is using the fake facebook name of Romeo Castille. That is not his real name. His real name is Alex Grant. Alexander C. Grant of Minneapolis. You need to search this site for Alex Grant. He also uses the name David Villiard, He also uses the name Acutus Ptolemy. But his legal name is Alexander C. Grant of Minneapolis, Minnesota. His confirmed real address is listed above. He lives there with his male husband. I am posting this because if you are being harrassed by a fake book user by the name Romeo Castille here is the facebook link to confirm and it is also listed above. facebook . com / profile.php?id=100014651581899&fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser This Puerto Rican (((REDACTED))) And he is dangerous. I cant say much other than the FBI has been involved with him and the Minneapolis, Police department has been involved with him. He is under current investigation. If you are harrassed and or threatened are intimidated by him in ANY WAY report him to the Minneapolis Police department and the FBI office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Search this site for Alex Grant of Minnesota and read much more about this ‘ ” Sicko.”” Dont set idle. Notify the FBI of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Police department if your harrassed by him. He really enjoys abusing other people.”

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Address: 4522 Bloomington Ave Minneapolis, Minnesota United States



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