Robbins Property Associates Review


I lived in Highpoint Club for three years with my fiance. When we first moved in, the property was quiet, clean, had friendly staff, and was affordable. Six months into living there, Robbins took over. They increased our rent. The put a gate in one entrance and exit and blocked the second entrance and exit off so it was useless, and did not give any residents passcodes, just gate openers. Our gate openers had to be exchanged twice because they did not work. We asked for a passcode but they did not provide one. Therefore, when guests came over, they had to wait at the gate for another car to open it. The gate was supposed to be attached to our phones but we tried this several times and the gate never called either of us. Robbins also established “valet trash” which was $20 a month. We asked to be removed from that because we had no issues taking our trash to the dumpster. We were told we could not avoid this fee. “Valet trash” did not come every day and when they did, they would leave behind bags and boxes with no explanation, play their music so loud we could hear it from the second story, and park their truck behind other cars illegally, blocking those people from leaving. We ended up having to take the trash they didn’t pick up to the dumpster ourselves, while still paying the fee. After almost a year here, constrcution started on Rouse Rd. This was done by the city, but Highpoint Club also started their own construction on their property, removing the woods that provided privacy from the road. They removed endangered cypress trees and displaced several species. They claimed the city was responsible, but the city website clearly defined their construction and Highpoint Club is a private property that is not attached to Rouse Rd, and therefore it was Highpoint’s plan to start the construction. Workers with heavy machinery were a foot away from our windows 5 days a week, starting at 6 AM. | Highpoint Club put in a pond, which they never completed. It ended up being a gigantic hole in the ground that workers threw their trash into. The smell was disgusting and it was an eyesore to the residents who lived near it. Our carpet was so thin that once when I vacuumed, it left behind a bald spot. Stains from soda or sauce could not be easily removed, whereas I was able to remove them from high quaility carpet in previous residences. The painting was obviously done by spraying, as it ended up all over cabinets, doors, floorboards, and other things it should not have been on. When I used a Magic Eraser to clean the walls, the paint came off. Robbins put in new laminate flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and we were forced to remove all of our belongings from those rooms for a week while they worked. We paid a $150 pet fee for one cat upon move-in and then $10 a month after that. Robbins allowed students to live in the complex, which led to noise, bad tenants, and a general feeling of being unsafe in our own community. | Upon move-out, we were charged over $600 for carpet replacement, cleaning, and pet cleaning. We had a total of 3 half-inch stains on our carpet. What we didn’t clean was dust off the fan blades and the inside of the oven, which we have never been required to do in any of the 5 apartments we have lived in. We were also charged for the mold in the tub, a plastic tub that had mold in it upon move-in. In every apartment I’ve lived in, I have been told that the pet fee was for clean up after move-out. When I told the manager this, she said her pet fee was a convenience. So we will have to pay the over-$600 charge or they told us they will send our account to a collection agency.


  • Name: Robbins Property Associates
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 11100 Point Sylvan Circle
  • Phone: 407-281-8895
  • Website:

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