My cat is constant support and a great friend to me. Her health is the most important thing for me and I make sure that she gets a regular checkup often. The previous Vet that I took my cat to for regular checkup has shut down due to some reason so I went to River City hospital because it is the closest one to my house. Spare your pet and yourself heartaches…..don\’t trust them! They are insane about robbing money and are reckless about the pets. The staff is rude and ill-mannered and they aren\’t straight forward with charges of the visit. I needed to get my cat rabies shot…when I called and conversed with one of the young ladies – I solicited what the expense from the visit would be. I was told $35. But after my visit, they charged me $126. I told the front work area young lady what I was told beforehand she told me that the extra amount was a test charge. She clarified that by State Law a test must be done. So WHY wasn\’t I told about it when I initially booked my cat’s shot? I even confirmed later and I found out that there is no such law that insists on getting unnecessary tests done. I was in the examination room and felt that the room I was in was not cleaned properly. Each instrument, gadget, and thing that was used on my pet was utilized without gloves and the surface on the outside of the counter was full of some animal hair. I could hear the staff talking unpalatably behind the entryways and they were so noisy which is inappropriate for a hospital area. I paid over the top cost for the basic procedure which is so unfair because other vets don\’t charge so much for such procedures. I realize this is not a human therapeutic office but with the huge price that you’re charging individuals, you could at least wipe the counters and cleanly store restorative apparatuses. The staff was somewhat disarranged and there were a few different individuals involved with my cat\’s procedure. Having fewer people involved would be ideal particularly in circumstances where the pet is feeling uncomfortable. The vet who administered the shot was very insensitive and my cat was crying loudly and was in pain. I went back home and my cat starting experiencing horrible reactions of the shot. She was throwing up and was feeling unwell. She couldn’t sleep the whole night and be crying in pain continuously. I called them the other day and they told me that there is nothing wrong with their shot and it’s my cat that is having some serious illness. I consulted another vet and my cat is feeling much better now. If you care one bit about your pet don’t let them get destroyed by their hands. They are here in the business to make money and nothing else. Their hospital should close doors as soon as possible.

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